Native American-Style Flutes
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Enjoy 'Cries of the Forest' by Mike Ward.  Thank you for sharing your talent using Wolf Claw G minor flute, made of Port Orford cedar. 

Happy 35th Anniversary!  Click here to see Mike Ward's beautiful song that he dedicated to his wife Charlene featuring two Wolf Claw Flutes.

 I appreciate testimonials.. feel free to share yours.


Hi Dave,
I am absolutely thrilled with my flute!  It has a mellow, un-muffled and  clear sound. It plays perfectly with just la little bit of back pressure which I really like, and which gives the possibility for playing in different ways and moods. This is the first flute I have ever owned where I have been able to choose the wood combinations (Yellowheart and Port Orford Cedar) - I am very pleased with the choice . The notes from low to high are very stable, and the flute only overblown when I want it to.  I couldn’t be happier!
John-United Kingdom

I ordered a flute in the key of F# (made of purpleheart wood) and even though I live in the Netherlands, shipping only took about a week and a half! I bought it as an 'upgrade' from my Jonah Thompson flute and all I can say is that I've been absolutely blown away by how good my Wolf Claw flute is. It looks stunning, sounds amazing and plays like a dream; I've actually improved massively since I received this flute, simply because it's such a breeze to play. I can't wait to order my next Wolf Claw flute. 

Sal Frasa - Netherlands
Thank you so much for the beautiful flutes!  They are truly exceptional instruments.  The F# has a great balance of clarity, volume and warmth.  The drone is beautiful... such a cool instrument.  Also, a big unexpected plus is the earth tunings (430 & 466).  I was contemplating on inquiring flutes with these tunings for some time.  You definitely have a return customer! 
Blessings & Gratitude
Richard Tyler 



Thank you for the custom made flute in my two favorite woods (Rosewood and Birdseye Maple).  You do fantastic work!  My friend really enjoyed the one I got her for Christmas.  Mine is currently in my office with all my other pieces of art proudly displayed.

Tom C. - Norwalk, CA.



I want to send my sincere gratitude as well as to commend you on your craftsmanship regarding that enchanting & beautiful flute that you made for me.

It is rare to find craftsmen that are so detailed and perfect in what they create and you are one of them.  Your flute will bring many years of enjoyment and spirtual flowing connection with its melodies in conjunction with the universe. 

Jimmy - Miami, Florida



I just wanted to get back to you and let you know how much I enjoy the flute that I purchased from you.  It is a beautiful flute with very nice tones.  Very nice craftsmanship.

Raven Wolf Voyager



I wanted to share with you that I recently acquired one of your flutes (#96).  It is just beautiful with fabulous resonance and very easy for me to play.  Just know that I will enjoy and send it's voice out in your honor.

Montara - Arroyo Grande, CA.


I acquired one of your flutes from ebay some time back (E cedar). It's a beautiful piece of workmanship. Have enjoyed playing it for hours. I appreciate the precision tuning.






I took my new Ebony Flute in Am to the Central Florida Flute & Drum Circle this past weekend.  It was a big, and everyone was enthralled by my Ebony flute! 

The flutists kept asking about you, and inquiring about how I learned of you.  They were very impressed with the quality of your flutes and the fairness of your prices.  I also told them what an honorable man you are, and that they could buy with confidence! 

Most of them will NOT purchase a flute on Ebay or off the internet.  But, after seeing, and hearing the flute you made for me, they said an exception could be made in your case. 

 Thought you would like to know.

 Take care.

Ah'Toa'Nea' (Walk in Peace)



Hi David,

I received the flute in lightning speed today, was a pleasure dealing with U. 

 I left U GREAT feed back, feel the same for me OK.  I hope U were not offended when I ask U the questions the other day, I meant no harm.  Your work in a flute is beautiful and neatly done, the sound is great and even up and down the scale or pro-portioned nicely in tune with the breath. 

The flute is much nicer then the pictures in the auction!!  I bought flutes from other makers and I returned them as fast as they came in the mail, my father was in the building trades and I'm a plumber by trade, your neatness in your work is a pleasure 2 C. 

I will keep this flute, very happy, now I have to learn to play it :-).  Thanks Jim



Hey Dave

 Received your beautiful flute today and i'm very pleased!This is the first flute I have purchased online so I didn't know what to expect,but i am very impressed with your wonderful internment!

I belong to the zion's canyon flute circle and will be showing your great work to them.

Thanks again hope to be in touch with you soon.
All the best




 Wow, blown away (pun intended) by the flute! Looks and sounds amazing. I'm 6'5" so larger size holes aren't a problem and knew it would sound great before I played a note and wasn't disappointed.

The least I can do is help get the word out about your flutes. I've joined a drum circle which has some flute players in it and will tell them about your flutes whenever I can. I also plan to acquire a vendor's license for the crafts (mainly necklaces) I sell and will take your flutes along to play at events and give u some free advertising. I'll be in touch. WADO

 PS:    If you are on Facebook, let me know. You can look up Jeffery Wissman in Cincinnati, OH.

Patrick (K.C)Dix




The flute arrived today and before I could try it a friend grabbed it and started playing.  That's untouched or unadjusted just straight out of the box and it sounded like a million bucks.

 Thanks again for a beauty!






Holy Cow Batman…..I Can Not tell you how pleased I am with BOTH of your flutes.

The two woods are absolutely incredible.  I knew I would like the Purpleheart wood, but I had never heard of the Lignum Viate.  On your website it looked really interesting, but WOW, that is a really beautiful grain and the colors…well I’m speechless. 

Both flutes have incredible sound to go with their super good looking woods.Thank-you, Thank-you for the Birds eye maple block on the Lignum Viate.

I just can’t say Thank-you enough, you are so kind.

 Happy Holidays to you and your family.




My flutes arrived yesterday and it felt like Christmas J

 I opened the Spanish and Walnut first, then the Paduk, and lastly the Redwood.

 I know I’ve told you this before but it is amazing that you sell such gorgeous flutes and they are players. I have some flutes that are wall hangers and some that I have fixed myself to make them less airy sounding. But when I buy your flutes, I know they are going to sound great and the three I got are awesome. The Redwood looks like a solid bore; the seam is invisible. It fits my hands nicely too. It is the first large flute I have that has a clear tone and plays great.

 If I bought three flutes of similar size from others, I’d be paying over a $1,000, and they wouldn’t look or play better than the flutes you craft. Thanks so much!





   First let me complement you on the fast shipping. #255 arrived earlier today and I have had a grand time playing it.  Had to stop myself to get dinner prepped. 

It is wonderfully made and I only had to adjust the wind block slightly for it to be spot on. This beautiful E Maple instrument will be a favorite, and already rests in the first position of my carrying case.

 Thanks again and be assured I will look to on the future. 





I received my flute, thank you for waiting on shipping to Florida.  I took the flute out of the of the box and immediately began to play.  The quality of the flute is outstanding, the sound is strong and mellow in the key of E, it takes such little breath to play it, the feel of the wood is delicious.  I could not be happier!  It is the nicest playing and sounding flute I own.  ( I currently have an A, G, G#, F, F#, Bass D, and now your E)  I will purchase again and again!  I see you have an F# in the making, and I hope it is banded also, as I like the bit more flashy flutes.  I would bet your F# would play and sound much better than my current flute.  Also looking for more low key flutes and drones.  I will be watching what is offered at your web site!

 Thank you ever so much for your talent and love that goes into your instruments, it comes out in the playing!





Again, your flute did not disappoint, straight out of the box.  I received the F# in striped maple.  The wood is beautiful, but it nowhere compares to the sweetest sound the flute makes.  For an F#, it is so mellow, melodic and almost fluid in how easy the flute plays.  So little breath required, the hole spacing is perfection, I can not say enough about the quality of your flutes.  I have many flutes, but seem to only play the E I purchased from you, all my others do not produce the quality sound as your flutes, and now, this fantastic sounding F#.  This is what all flutes should sound like, it literally sings when played.

 I kept looking at your site for more "fancy" flutes like my E you made, with the contrasting banding at the mouth piece and end, but did not see any new, so I took a chance on the plain (looking in the picture) striped maple.  The picture did not do the wood justice, even with no banding, the flute is beautiful.

 I have one other flute that comes the closest to your quality from well known maker, but your flutes sound better, and put the others I have to shame.  I seriously thinking of selling them off to buy more of your flutes.  Next, I am looking for a banded and maybe some inlay...Base D from you.

 Thank you for such apparent love in your craftsmanship and quality of your flutes. I will be watching for more from you!





Hi, Dave,

Got the Spanish cedar G today.  Your work is exquisite.  The woods complement each other beautifully, as do the beads on your bird tie.  The finish is a thing of beauty, as well (what would you recommend for touch-ups?  I use Clapham's beeswax for some of my others.)

Better than all that, this flute sings.  It requires very little breath and has excellent back pressure, with a clear tone that walks the line between aggressive and softly-voiced.  There's very little breathiness in the sound, and the sonority of the tone tends toward the darker, more mellow--even in the higher mid-ranged key. 

All the chromatics/cross fingerings work well through the high octave, and the two steps above the G are achievable as well with a little fingering work.  

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your flutes for use by novices and professionals alike.  This one's easily going to become one of my favorites, and I doubt it'll be the last one I purchase from you.  Like most, I'm hesitant to buy online without visiting the workshop and playing the instruments, but I'd urge anyone interested to trust your workmanship; if they do, they'll receive better than advertised.  Beautiful, inside and out.  I'll do my best to let it play its own song. 

You could sell these for hundreds if you wished--lesser work sells for much more than you ask, in my opinion. 

Thanks again.  Wish I could shake your hand.  I'll send you something once I've recorded, and I'd be happy to serve as a reference if anyone should ask. 


Mike A.




Hi Dave,

 I received my flute today and all I can say is wow.  It's beautiful!  I love the colors, the shapes, and the sound is awesome too.  It's so light and easy to handle as well.  You are truly a master of your craft.  Thank you again.  I'm sure this will be a source of joy for years to come.

 Erik P.





Im writing to let you know how deeply satisfied I am with the flute you crafted! It is my first flute and I couldn’t be happier with the sound, let alone the craftsmanship put into this beautiful piece of art. Thank you! I genuinely appreciate this instrument.





Hello David !

Today the flute in Berlin has arrived. I've been playing the whole evening, and I am excited and happy. Thank you for your art/craft. Greetings from Germany





Hi David!

I just wanted to let you know that my flute arrived safely. It looks and sounds beautiful!!!! I've been having a blast playing it. My little 3 year old grandson was loving the notes I was playing and singing along with the flute!

You're instruments came highly recommended by Tina. She told me she will only buy your flutes now and I can see why! I really appreciate all the care you put into my flute, making sure it sounded good.

Thank you so much! 





The flute has arrived! Very satisfied of his beauty and sound. thank you :) I really like it. It's been a pleasure buying a flute from you. Very available, kind and honest person :)





Hi Dave,

Today I received a wonderful eastern aromatic cedar G that sang well for me.  It sang a few songs, and I am attaching the second that came forth.

The fit and finish are very nice - great piece of cedar w/ nice grain/swirl pattern - the inlaid stone work is a nice touch.  The tung oil finish is like glass - smooth.

The tuning is on, and I can get some extended notes out of it as well.  A bit of airiness but clear tones add to the “real” sound of a native flute.  

Thanks Dave!

Be well, 





I received the Low C flute today, and as with the other six beautiful flutes I have purchased from you, it is of the highest quality!  I took the flute out of the box and was able to easily play it immediately!  The striped maple of the body is stunning, and the wood glints with a fire in the sun.  The accent ends and bird made out of striped ebony looks like Tiger Eye, and the colors reflect a deep sheen, as well as very deep meaning.  I was surprised at the large size of the flute, yet it is light, and easily handled, easily fingered. 

 The spirit of the flute is calming, and it seems to listen as it is played, almost intuitive, lulling, hauntingly whispering.  Thank you David, for the wonderful work that you do, the joy you bring to the many that purchase your concert quality flutes!   Each one gives so much to the one who plays, as well as those that listen.

 This one will keep me busy for some time, I am having a hard time putting it down.  Along with the beautiful G flute that you made, this is now my second favorite note!  I will purchase more with confidence and gratefulness for your fantastic talents!




I just received the most beautiful drone flute from David McGiffin and it is a true creation of the heart. Not only is the flutes appearance totally awesome, it has a yellow cedar main body with claro walnut ends and fetish with the most gorgeous linseed oil finish, but to play one of these flutes is pure joy. Very clear and true sound and the fingering is perfect. My flute is in E 440hz and it has that astounding low voice with just enough higher energy from the drone side to create a most lovely sound. Been playing it now for several days and it just keeps sounding better. Looking forward to having him build me some flutes in F# 432hz next.




This is my new Low E flute from Wolf ? Claw Flutes in Yellowheart & it's running with the pack!!! Beautiful color and extremely comfortable to play with my hands. A wolf kind of sound too.




Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for the beautiful flutes! They are truly exceptional instruments. The F# has a great balance of clarity, volume and warmth. The drone is beautiful…. such a cool instrument! Also, a big unexpected plus is the earth tuning (430Hz. & 466Hz.) I was contemplating acquiring flutes for some time. You definitely have a return customer. Blessings and gratitude.

Richard Tyler




Hi Dave,

I want to thank you for the E flute.  I was pleasantly surprised!

Not only is it beautiful, with a very nice pairing of woods, but it plays amazingly!  It's perfectly tuned and the back pressure and responsiveness are spot on.  I love playing flutes and I am very particular with what I like and I love playing this one!

I was torn between the E and an F#, but I am very happy with the E.  I was also really taken by your bio on your web page and the fact that you are local. You make an amazing flute.  If you don't mind, please let me know if you ever come across spalted black limba.

Blessings and mahalo...Matthew 





 I recently bought a flute from you on ebay #495 (key of E).  I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy playing it.  It has a sweet mellow sound  and even I, a rank amateur, can make beautiful music with it.   I own another of your flutes,  an F#  (#420) and that too, was a wonderful purchase for me and has given me a great deal of pleasure.   

 I believe your flutes have a quality of workmanship that deserves more praise and recognition.  Thank you so much.





This new flute the 512, is an amazing instrument. I have two of your flutes and both are very well playable but the model in the F# is really the most easy to play. I can play hard or adjust the bird to the edge and play it using almost no air pressure. It’s voice is in effect very balance and for my luck it looks better on my hands than on the photos of your web page. 
I am very happy with it and can not stop playing whatever, whenever.