Native American-Style Flutes
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About Wolf Claw Flutes

In 2002, my wife and I were celebrating our anniversary in a small town called Julian, CA (near San Diego), we walked around the local shops. There was a shop with Indian goods displayed, this caught my eye and we went inside. There was one display that particularly caught my interest. It was the one with several native American style flutes. The store owner noticed my interest and said “try one out” so I picked one from the display,  It was a beautiful flute made of cedar in the key of F#, as I played it I could hear the haunting and mystical sound it produced... I was moved and I felt inside me... the need to pursue this instrument more.  I began to read books, purchase native American music cd's and obtain as much information I could from the Internet,   It wasn't much longer before I felt I needed to learn to play the Native American Flute.

I purchased my first flute online from a well known flute maker located in Arizona in 2005. After the flute arrived I couldn’t put it down. I continued to play every chance I could.  I purchased many flutes from different flute makers, just to see the different types, shapes, styles and sounds.   Soon I realized that my journey was to make beautiful sounding flutes. I began to read various instructional flute-making books and watch DVD’S.

My first flute I made was out of cedar, in the key of F# and it sounded great and I decided to call it Wolf Claw Flutes and proceeded to number it as #1. I continued on to #2, #3, #4 and so on, each time experimenting with different keys and different types of wood... always learning.  My passion was soon recognized as friends and family started to purchase my flutes.  I did custom orders that prompted me to experiment with mixtures of woods. 

Even though it is difficult to part with the flutes, I knew in my heart that people would enjoy them the same way that I do!

I am of Cherokee descent but am not  associated with a tribe or clan, I cannot make Native American Flutes.  But I do consider myself a Native American, being born and  raised in this blessed country.  I create my Native American Style flutes out of the love for the traditions of our nations ancestors, and for the music they inspired, and the instruments they created.

I look forward to creating one for you!   -Dave